Higher Secondary School


The Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia, was established in the year 1957 with the object of giving a practical and concrete shape to some of the educational ideas of Swami Vivekananda. The Higher Secondary section was started in 2000 and the first batch passed out in 2002.


The object of this institution is to give an education of the public school type, but suited and adapted to the Indian background. Great care is taken to form the character of the pupils. The Vidyapith being a fully residential institution, it has been possible to give proper stress on leadership training and prepare the students for a democratic society.


The Higher Secondary Section (class XI and XII) is affiliated under the West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education. The Higher Secondary section has Science Stream only.


Swami Swami Gatidananda Maharaj | (December, 2015 – Present day)


A branch of Ramakrishna Mission, the Vidyapith is administered by a Managing Committee appointed by the Governing Body of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah.


The staff consists of men who, in addition to having good academic records, are inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s ideals of sacrifice and service. Besides preparing the boys for H.S. Examination, the dedicated teachers, guest lecturers and visiting professors make every effort to get them well prepared for W.B. Joint Entrance Examination, I.I.T. Entrance Exam, Entrance to Indian Statistical Institute and similar other professional courses. For this purpose, a few visiting professors, well known in their fields, have offered their valuable service.


The curriculum for classes XI and XII is the same as prescribed by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. There is provision for both Bengali and English as mediums of instruction in two separate sections. We offer courses in Science stream only with the following combination of subjects.

i) Languages (compulsory) : 100 marks each

Group A:Bengali/Hindi    Group B:English

ii) Combination options :

A. Compulsory Elective Subjects : 100 marks each
Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

B. Optional Elective (Fourth) Subject : 100 marks
Biological Sciences, Statistics.



Stipend and free studentship are given to meritorious students coming from families of low-income group.


In addition to the main library for all the inmates of the Vidyapith, there is a Library-cum-reading room exclusively with about 1000 books for the H.S. boys who can make serious study of the latest and best books available. This Library-cum-reading room, being housed in the Higher Secondary Complex – the residence of the Higher Secondary Boys, is practically open 24 hours a day.



With a view to acquainting the boys with the fundamentals of Indian Culture and developing their personality, one class per week is arranged on the subject according to a curriculum especially drawn up for the purpose. A study of Comparative Religions, Principles of Harmony of Religions, Ideal Citizenship and Universal Brotherhood form a major part of the curriculum.


Participation in the afternoon games, outdoor or indoor, is a must for all the boys. However, they are exempted from morning drill and P.T.


To supplement classroom instructions, the Vidyapith offers the boys a set of co-curricular activities like recitations, elocution, essay-writing, debating, quiz etc.


Excursions form an integral part of the annual educational programme at Vidyapith. Boys of class XI are taken to places of religious, historical or industrial importance after their Annual Examination is over.


Higher Secondary students enjoy Summer Vacation (5 weeks), Puja Vacation (about 3 weeks) and short recess after periodical examinations (about 10 days). Parents will be informed, well in advance, of the actual dates of closing and re-opening of the institution.


The institution awards a number of prizes in recognition of the boys’ merit on individual and collective basis. Prizes are awarded for different types of activities among different age-groups.


The residence of the students belonging to the Higher Secondary Section is divided in two Houses namely, Sarada Sadan and Matri Sadan constituting the Higher Secondary Complex. Looking after cleanliness and tidiness of their Sadans, the boys learn practical lessons in self-help and dignity of labour.


Provision is made for a balanced diet for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian groups. Besides two meals and two tiffins, some small snacks are given during school recess. Special diets are allowed only on the ground of health under medical advice. Additional cost for such diet is to be met by the guardians.


The activities of the Vidyapith start in the early morning with the rising bell followed by Bhajan and devotional songs. The activities include classroom teachings at noon, games in the afternoon, Aratrika and Bhajan in the evening. On Wednesday classes are held in the morning hours and they remain suspended on Sunday. Every student is to follow the routine of Vidyapith unless he is medically advised otherwise.


Purulia is a health resort. So, the general health of the students remains quite good here. Occasional medical examination and recording of weightPurulia is a health resort. So, the general health of the students remains quite good here. Occasional medical examination and recording of weights of the boys are carried out. For minor ailments, the boys are treated free of cost and preventive vaccination is provided. In case of any illness other than minor ailments, guardians have to bear the necessary expenses. There is a well-equipped indoor hospital in the campus with a segregation ward. A qualified doctor is in charge of the hospital.


Only a limited number of boys who not only aim at academic excellence but also aspire to build up their lives on moral virtues can be admitted to H.S. course through a written test to be held after the publication of the Madyamik results. Application forms will be made available to those boys only who passed the Madhyamik Examination with a minimum of 85% marks in the aggregate, on production of their original Marksheets.

The subjects in which the 3-hour long test will be taken are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. However, admission to H.S. course depends on a boy’s General Conduct as well as performance in the Madhyamik Exam and Admission Test. There will be provision for admission of the boys belonging to SC/ST/OBC.