Vidyapith Parikrama

The Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia, an oasis in the heart of the dry rugged land of Purulia, is an educational institute par excellence, a completely residential school imparting man-making and character building education as envisaged by Swami Vivekananda. Vidyapith stands on the Barakar Road in the village Bongabari covering an area of approx 75 acres.

Entering through the main gate, we have a clear view of the Marble image of Sri Ramakrishna inside the garbhagriha of the temple. But first, there is the Vidyapith Museum on the left at a distance. To the right is a life size portrait of Swami Vivekananda. Further ahead lay the Devayan or the central office and the Sabhagriha or auditorium to the left and the guest houses to the right.

The Devayan is the office of the Secretary of Vidyapith. All the programmes like drama, elocutions, recitations, etc are held in the auditorium. Advancing further on this road one finds oneself infront of the main shrine or prayer hall of Vidyapith where all the boys attend morning prayer and evening vesper services. On the left of the main temple is the Sabha Bedi where the Annual Prize giving ceremony and a few other programmes are held.

From the main temple the road forks left and right. Proceeding towards the left we reach the monks quarters or the Sadhu Nivas. Further along the road to the right from the temple, we reach the main school building or Sarada Mandir. Crossing the Sarada Mandir as we make a left turn we come face- face with Vivek Mandir or the junior school. Further ahead the road bends left leaving the Dinning Hall and Shivananda Sadan on the right. Following the road, and crossing the Library on the right we find the Vivekananda sadan, Ramakrishna sadan on the left and Bramhananda sadan, Matri sadan and Sarada sadan on the right. Between Bramhananda sadan and Matri sadan stands Sadananda sadan or our indoor hospital. At the end of the road there are the dairy & poultry and Gurupalli or the teachers’ family quarters. Now let’s go back to the Vivek Mandir. From here we take the right to reach Shivananda sadan. Boys of class V to VII stay there. On the left of this majestic building there are playgrounds beyond which we see the Mayer Ghat and on the right is the Gymnasium. Other than these we have 22 football grounds, 6 volleyball courts, 2 badminton courts and a lawn tennis court (added recently). We also have a children’s park to boast of and a medium sized swimming pool, too.