Spiritual Activities

Sunday Classes

Every fourth Sunday of a month a Kathamrita class is held in Purulia town. One senior monastic member of our centre reads and explains the Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna). It is attended by many devotees and young people.


Spiritual Retreats (Bhakta Sammelan)

Spiritual Retreats (Bhakta Sammelan) is held every year. Devotees from Purulia town and some nearby villages come here to attend the retreats. Lectures on spiritual topics by monastics and devotional songs by renowned singers are arranged throughout the day. The devotees also have noon Prasad here. About 350 devotees attended the retreat.


Initiation Camps

We organise initiation camps here at Vidyapith, by the President or Vice-President of our order. In 2009, Swami Prameyanandaji Maharaj, Vice-President of our order came to Vidyapith and initiated 300 devotees including many of our students.